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Radio Paradiso (Part 1)

Telma, a special guest to Swiss Radio (Radio Swiss Romande), is interviewed by Gérard Suter, Producer of “Radio Paradiso.” Telma candidly shares how she stumbled into Brazilian music and how things led to recording her first CD in Rio de Janeiro "Reconvexo".


Radio Paradiso (Part 2)

Telma continues her conversation with Gérard Suter, after singing live on "Radio Paradiso", directed by guitarist and composer Diego Gadenz.



Telma returns to Rio to reunite poetry with dance in a choreography directed by the "Casa de Dança de Carlinhos de Jesus" in Botafogo. "Reconvexo", written by Caetano Veloso, talks about Salvador de Bahia's heart - the complex mixture of Indian, African, and European culture. It's the soul of the Amazon, the rhythms and rituals of Africa, the laughs of Andy Warhol, the swings of Henry Salvador. Telma's performance is mesmerized with the mixture of peoples and sounds, sadness and joys, traditions and modernity. Telma dedicates her performance to Brazil's poets and musicians for their "soul dress code" and for daring to invite God to their dance. She adds: "In dance, I experience the Big Bang where chaos ends to become rhythms and forms of what I am and feel. Those who dance can never be sad."


Dance Her Soul

“Dance Her Soul” is Telma’s first self-penned recording, with music by Victor Chicri. She dedicates it to the homeless in urban settings. The video captures images of her performances in Manhattan, both at "Sound of Brazil" in the West Village and "Nublu" in Alphabet City. It also shows the band rehearsals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as she prepared her Reconvexo tour.


"A Vida da Artista" - The Life of the Artist

Telma teamed up with the guitarist and music director David Cordeiro to select the list of classics of MPB, in which they included compositions by Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, and Roberto Carlos. With emotional arrangements, this video is a glimpse of the show that brings to the audience songs that represent the journey of the life of an artist.


Planeta Brasil Alma Brasileira

“Planeta Brasil” is a prime time variety show that brings news about Brazilians living in the USA, or as it is Telma’s case, about a Brazilian soul. Interviewed by Globo International reporter Eliseu Caetano, Telma shares how she discovered her Brazilian heart and why she is a “Baiana de El Salvador.” The video covers performances at the club "Somethin’ Jazz" in Manhattan.



Telma recorded this samba-canção of Lupicinio Rodriguez, produced by Domenico Lancelotti. The images show glimpses of the recording studio in Botafogo and reflect the joys of a perfect Sunday in Rio at the Praia Vermelha, beneath Morro da Urca and the sunset in Ipanema. Telma dedicates this performance to Iemanja, goddess of the sea, orixá in the Candomblé religion. She offers a white flower to the deity, praying that it only gives her back what belongs to her.

“She is so strong, her eyes of glass hold the city” (Dance Her Soul)

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