A daughter of San Salvador - “filha de San Salvador” - who fell in love with Brazilian poetry and sounds.

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My daringness to sing is motivated by my wish to share what I have found in popular music, the courage to reckon with loneliness, poetry that cuddles broken hearts, and musical instruments that speak for profound emotions. My repertoire is also about sharing what I have found in Brazilian sounds. In Bossa Nova, the voice of sadness dances. The majestic waves in the ocean do not crash against the shore but slowly cover it with a splendid carpet of foam, gradually drank by the sand.

About me


Since 2005 Telma taught herself to sing and started in Brazilian music. She went to Rio in 2008 and recorded her first CD, "Reconvexo" at Estudios Soma, produced by Zeca Barros and Marcos Aristides. She chose New York as the launching pad for her Reconvexo tour, directed by Grammy-nominated Brazilian Producer Victor Chicri. As a result of the tour and her longstanding love affair with dance, Telma recorded her first self-penned composition, "Dance Her Soul," with Victor Chicri.

“She is so strong, her eyes of glass hold the city” (Dance Her Soul)

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